1 When first time use WinNexus have to install client program. Please click the links "Download Desktop" to install.
2 Please click "OK" to download the WinNexus client program.
3 Click "Run" to install WinNexus when you finish download.
4 Click "Next" to start install.
5 You can change different folder via click "Browse" and Click "Next" to start install.
6 Click "Install" to confirm the install location.
7 Click "Finish" to complete install.
1 After install WinNexus. You can find a green-D-icon in the notification area.
2 Click the green-D-icon to open WinNexus window. Click "More software" to get and install software.
1 The software bank web page will be open. You can use any software you want via click software-icon.
2 Software will be setup to WinNexus. You can manage the software you choice from WinNexus.